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Amor + (Love+) is an initiative of the civil organization Escucha mi voz and RobsMx, cultural producer and LGBTQ + blog; with which we seek to generate an international collection of posters that promote love for diversity.

With the 22 posters of the 2019 international collection we share messages that bet on a free + honest, equal, inclusive, diverse, own and empowered Love +.

In this edition we have the participation of 21 designers and designers from 3 countries: México, Ecuador and Venezuela.

With Amor+ we seek to take these messages of love, beyond any distinction by gender, race, orientation, race and nationality.

You can become a messenger of Amor+, share a message of love with the HT #ILove


Soon we will be promoting the exhibition in other national and international places, with the aim of sharing the message with as many people as possible.

We hope next year to have the participation of more designers from more parts of the world.


In this first edition we have the support of the Head of Culture of the Government of the city of Guadalajara to take the exhibition to a Public Gallery, located in one of the most emblematic streets of the city: Chapultepec Avenue.

Designers participating in the 2019 edition.

  • México: Natalia delgado, Juan Manuel Madriz, Claudia Tello, Manely Bravo, Jorge Bustos, Hugo García, Eréndira Mancilla, Fernando Ortiz, Eric Olivares, Fabiola Vera, Kathiana Cardona, Manolo guerrero, Leda Josselin Hernández, José Luis Hernández Chepe, Sergio Grande, Elmer Sosa, Claudia Tello, Yael González, Ivette Valenzuela, Mauricio Muratalla.
  • Venezuela: Juan Manuel Madriz y Kathiana Cardona.
  • Ecuador: Mario fuentes y Felipe Jácome.


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Meet the complete collection here.

Access to the press information here

For more information: robsmx52@gmail.com